Reply To: “We have to say you can’t go out and kill sex offenders, but . . . you really should”

James Townsend

Its as if people have a crystal ball and can predict what a person on the sex registry is all about or that person that comes out of prison is all about. No one can predict human nature. So maybe we should just kill them all! Do you think man is killing man in all this Sex Registry hype? Those that don’t have to worry about it can eat, drink, and be merry and give them the strictest penalty’s they can.
Sure people would like to kill or get rid of the sex offender but one has to really think about the sex offender better than themselves. Are you no better than that person just because you never got caught. The think about everyone of these post’s on here is it is man’s wisdom and understanding about the sex offender. Did you all ever think about using God’s principals in any of these affairs. God would not be pleased in any of this. Seek God’s advice and than let governments know that they are wrong and they need a bit more Christian understanding.