Reply To: “We have to say you can’t go out and kill sex offenders, but . . . you really should”


This doesn’t amaze me too much and just further demonstrates humanity’s lack of humanity. Ever wonder how so many Jews were killed in the holocaust, natives killed with poison blankets,slaves beat on plantations, witches burnt, or maybe Asians placed in American concentration camps? This is how. I still have a letter from the Michigan internal investigations unit describing how a Michigan State trooper was caught on a stormy dark night peeping in windows on two pre-teen age girls in their bedrooms getting dressed and how it was perfectly acceptable for this pervert in uniform and how he is “one of the finest” because the address also is home to a registered offender.. The statement is clear ounce on the registry it is acceptable for any pervert or sick demented uniformed trash to sexually harass or harm even your family or anyone unlucky enough to know you..