Reply To: RSOL to Justice for all North Carolina: Take down that ad!


Robert Hogg

There is no justice for all in this country , if u got money u can kill and do as u wish , they need to get money out the game , if u treat people the way hitler did the Jews or the way blacks was treated before the end of the sixties even know the first civil rights act was in the 1800 and it still took states that long to say black was human and my home state was the first to put the Jim crow laws in act ( tenn.) but now there is a black president and the Jim crow laws was about the safety of the public ha ha right just the words hitler said to and the Jim crow laws started with train cars by the time it was by courts to be wrong ( about a hundred years after the freedom of slaves) and the only reason is because of the blacks fighting back if they wouldn’t have we would be back picking cotton . Cowards are the ones who keep up these trends of laws and the god I luv wrote that treating people this way or the hate of and the abuse of people ( like the roman s did Jesus) will not go thru the gates of heaven no matter how they change it or lie about it