Reply To: Of sex trafficking and International Megan’s Law and cabbages and kings


I was denied entry into Thailand. I was in Thailand 2 times before with no problems. I have a 36 year old fiance whom I fell in love with. I am off the list in August. It’s been 12 years since my crime. I have finally felt life was starting to look bright. My family and friends was very happy for me. Now on my third visit I was met by immigration officers in Thailand telling me that ICE informed them of my crime and I am not allowed to enter. I could not talk to my fiance. ICE did not inform me that I may not be able to enter into Thailand before I left. I am saddened by this whole situation. I may lose my Fiance now. I understand they are protecting children but that is not what I want. I am wanting to start a life. I lost plane ticket money. This is unbelievable. Now what?? How can I begin happiness??