Reply To: Of sex trafficking and International Megan’s Law and cabbages and kings



Glad to know that, thanks!

I’m not at all surprised to hear it. In fact, I fully assume that the U.S. is ALREADY supplying criminal conviction info to foreign countries via Interpol already.

Since it’s so difficult to know precisely what’s going on here I can still try to infer, from bits and pieces of info, that one of the reasons for this bill is to simply formalize or I should say legalize the exchange of data as a means of protecting them from legal challenge in the future. It provides a kind of “due process” which puts “sex offenders” on formal notice and makes more difficult their ability to challenge the regimen in the future.

That’s one reason.

Another is simply that they want to put SO’s back in prison through yet another confusing maze of regulation through which they must gingerly step. One slip up and they’re back in prison. This is the cynical reason behind all of these deeply unconstitutional laws. “We didn’t get to put you away for life the first time, so we’re going to try like hell to ensnare you in the future.”

And they get to do it by calling all of it “regulatory” and “civil” and “not punishment or ex post facto”. Very, very cynical and dishonest.