Reply To: To Maryland Legislators: No “Loopholes,” just a Constitution – and the TRUTH


Things need to change. The bureaucracy and politics of our country make it excessively difficult for those of us who’s rights have been violated by same system that is in place to protect them. We are as a result, now 2nd rate 3rd class citizens! Here in WI I have contacted numerous lawyers and lawyer organizations in an attempt to fight for my rights. I have life time GPS but have never been suspected or charged with any hands on assault nor do I have any history of violent behavior, plus the statute was applied retroactively. The DOC made the choice to place me on it because they deemed “i am a good fit.” It was never even mentioned in court or by my lawyer as a potential punishment. But of coarse the state dos not recognize it as punishment! Why would having an item attached with out my consent, to my body that I cannot remove under penalty of law 24/7 and have to pay a monthly fine for such privilege,all while having to conform to a schedule of times i am allowed out of my house be considered punishment!!!! Oh and lets not leave out that I can’t submerge it in water, put on boots of any kind pull up my left sock have any actual physical comfort, have to charge at least twice daily, can not wear shine guards for soccer the constant mental and emotional strain such a device places on me and everyone else who sufferes from the same requirements. I was once an exhibitionist and have 1 conviction of child porn, which btw was only in temporary internet files or cookies. Initially I was required to be on the registry for 15 years and have learned nothing to contradict that, but I assume that because I am lifetime GPS that it has also been extended to life. I have 3.5 years left on ES and have completed a 25 month intensive cognitive therapy while in prison. Why does some anonymous office with in the DOC get to hand down life sentences whit impunity. I have never undergone a risk assessment which is another violation of my due process.