Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders


I agree with the fact that those who make FALSE REPORTS are not being held accountable, especially when they stick to those false statements!

The very fact that this is NOT being properly addressed, and ruins TRULY innocent people’s lives, is a serious miscarriage of justice. I’ve sen law enforcement and even attorneys FALSELY LEADING these “confessions,” when they should not be admissible under threat, just for an attorney to “win” the case!

But here’s the kicker:

The main reason this is the worst problem, is because those who ARE VICTIMIZED by crimes that ARE committed, are devalued that much more being of the desensitization by the elements who falsely blame, vs those who are TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE because of the truly guilty who are never even charged with a crime because they have powerful attorneys and friends who make powerful threats against a victim reporting them, yet they will NEVER BE CAUGHT or outed because of corruption of law.

When real victims ARE never compensated for the wrongs against them, those who make false reports only cause more grief to REAL victims.

Those who make false reports need to be reprimanded. When that happens, they need to make charges stick harder on those who ARE guilty.

It’s time that lies are outed, and criminals are contained, in order to stop the brutality against the innocent.