Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders



I am a registered sex offender. In 2004 numerous county sheriffs deputies and fbi agents showed up at my house around 630 am while I, my wife and children were still in bed. They said they had a search warrant and asked me to voluntarily come down to the fbi office and talk with agents. I went while the others searched the house. At the fbi office the agents asked me if I looked at child pornography on the internet. I replied no. One of the agents pulled a cd out of his pocket and stated that he had and image of a 12 year old having sex with an unidentified male on it that was in a zip file emailed to an undercover agent in new york from my email address. I got up and walked out. The agents at my house told my wife that they must have the wrong house because no computers or pornography was found. They left. 5 months later I was arrested and charged with distribution of child pornography. Bail was denied because I was classified as a flight risk. Public defender shocked me into pleading guilty or face 15 years in federal prison. i was sentenced to 96 months in federal prison over one email. Prison was stupid, a joke. Now I have to register for 25 years. Sex offender on my license, id, passport and on internet. Been through 15 jobs since my release. Currently unemployed, when an employer finds out I am on the registry, they let me go for lying on my application. My wife is an RN so thank goodness I am not homeless, we own our home and live in a secluded area out in the county. Noone bothers us but I do not go out in public locally much. We go out to eat out of town. I dont go around people other than family. I accepted responsibility, was remorseful, contrite, yet I will deal with this forever stigma of being a threat to society for the rest of my life. Whatever. I just want to work and help support my family. I self employ for cash when I can. Searching for something I can make a living at working from home on the internet but havnt found anything yet. I dont feel sorry for myself. Ive secured employment with a railroad company, delivered newspapers, worked for a major auto manufacturer, furniture mfg, concrete company, office supplies company, printer. Before I was arrested I was an airport manager, pilot and physician clinic business manager. Im not allowed to work with anyone under 18 unless I hand deliver a written letter to my prospective employer of my sex offense. Would you hire me if I hand delivered one to you? HA. Now Im contemplating filing for SS disability due to panic attack, anxiety, ptsd and paranoia. It was suggested that I do this. Life goes on.