Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders



I am writing to you as a victim of being a 4 years old with no defense to the man who I awoke to doing awful things to me. I am also a best friend to a man who would never hurt a child or think morally corrupt things to a child that is serving time due to a corrupt judiciary system. He is 100% INNOCENT and hike his children and family has a life sentence of a death threat do to the scorn of a woman who didn’t have life her way and wanted to end his. Of all people I should be one that shouldn’t see past a conviction and rely on a judgement of a judge but unlike many I research before I believe. Do you realize it only takes one person to scream “wolf” and everyone jumps to destroy. For those of you that are educated you will understand when I say it reminds me of the short story “The Lottery”. Do to the fact that they don’t look at evidence whether physical, mapping of time, credibility of the one witness… they just locked up a innocent man ruined his sons future, ruined any. Chances of a sain and safe life. Oh by the way, the judicial system we have had physical evidence,witnesses, and knowledge of the person who comitted a crime to me, and where he was located… Did I tell you he was military and was never saught after. I forgive him and hope he has changed his ways.
The end of this story is don’t ruin people’s life on hear say. I understand that we have to protect our children but there is a better way of doing it as well as a way of prosecuting a person with full knowledge of facts not hear say. The law needs to be revised to protect both sides of the human population.
“Only one who is without sin can cast a stone.” If you do not understand that quote pick up a copy of the Holy Bible, the contemporary seems to be easiest for most find a preacher and have a heart to heart.
Everyone has to learn to forgive and to be forgiven. Your worst enemy is yourself