Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders

Stephanie Vargas

My fiance, and the father of my children, is a wonderful man. He is a US Marine, he loves our babies and does so much better with them than I ever could. He’s an engineer, well educated, and just so intelligent. So our story is this:

Before he and I started dating, we were both going through divorce. He was dating a girl somewhat casually. Long story short, they were both very intoxicated one night at a bar and neither of them remember what happened that night. They eventually broke up, we met, we fell in love got engaged, had a baby, and I was pregnant with our second child when he found out that the girl he had dated before we met was accusing him of rape.

We later found out she had gotten pregnant from that night that they both dont remember and he submitted to a dna test, the baby is his so they must have had intercourse. She apparently was in a long distance relationship with someone else at the time and to explain it to this other guy she said she was raped becasue she didnt want to admit she had cheated. He pressured her to go to the police, she did. Keep in mind at this point her son is already a year old. So he gets dragged through the court system and then she has a change of heart and starts admitting that it wasnt rape and that she was sorry for all the trouble she caused. The prosecutor didnt care and was asking for the maximum sentence of 17-25 years. We finally made the decision that he would take a plea of 2 years, our oldest wont even be three when he gets out in May. We made this decision because he was so afraid of missing our childrens entire lives and I dont blame him.

We are now being told that he will not be allowed to live with me when he gets out because of our minor children. I really hope this gets straightened out. The more I learn about the registry the more devastated I am. He will never be able to go to school plays and can even be denied access to theme parks with our children. It is unfair what these laws do to the families involved and fighting the charges is so scary, I’m not sure which is worse.