Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders

Angry Mother

She will absolutely not become a permanent victim. Through the love and support of her family and friends she WILL recover. But this is something she will forever have with her. There is no erasing it. There is no undoing it. It will always be there. This child hasn’t even experienced her first kiss, or first boyfriend. No one can tell me that she will not struggle in the future. Will she have support and eventually live life? Absolutely. But the affects will forever lurk even subconsciously. Will they cripple her? No, I won’t allow it. I will always be her strength when she is weak.

Revenge. Yes, it could be considered that. Perhaps I am a weak person that cannot forgive. However it has been only 20 days. Yes, I’ve counted the days. So it’s fresh. But perhaps as I cradled the shaking and sobbing body of my daughter something inside me broke. One sick individual affected not only an innocent child but every single person that loves her. I absolutely want him to pay. I want him to feel every ounce of pain she has felt. I want appropriate justice. I’m sorry if it makes me sick to see predators cry about their difficulties. I was raised to know that every choice made has a consequence. Some good, some bad. I cannot feel a bit of sorrow for them. I do however agree with some concepts here. There are certain offenses that are indeed prosected too harshly. On the same token, there are some that aren’t punished enough. There are some mental illnesses that can be rehabilitated. However, children are far too precious to be the guinea pigs.