Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders

Angry Mother

Oh you poor dear. How could anyone think you would do such a thing? Oh wait. The abuse you had inflicted in the past might have something to do with it.

I am a mother of a little girl who spent the night at her best friend’s house like she had many times before and like most children have in their lifetime. Instead of fun she woke up with the 42 year old, 250lb father on top of her touching her and ultimately changing her FOREVER. He confessed. He also had videos of my baby girl on his phone of her asleep. In the small community that we live in it only took 5 days for people to know my daughter was the victim.

Through NO ACTION OF HER OWN HER LIFE IS FOREVER CHANGED. Now tell me, how or why anyone should give a damn about a predator’s suffering, embarrassment, or losses? You are not a victim. Whether you truly commited the sexual offense or not does not even matter. You affected the life of your girlfriend. And as the saying goes, every bad deed you do eventually catches up.

But let me broaden this. It’s not just you. I came to Google to research laws to arm myself in order to vindicate my child, even if just slightly. And I was absolutely disgusted and shocked to see how many perverts, rapists, and molesters actually have the audacity to feel as though they are victims. This is exactly why I KNOW there is no possible way to reform them. The first step is to accept responsibility, but just like the selfishness that motivates anyone to steal a child’s innocence, many of you are too selfish to accept that every single time you’re treated poorly is the direct result of what you’ve done.

My daughter will carry this for the rest of her life. And I will make damn sure he does as well. He can consider me his own personal karma. So suck it up pervs. You built the life you deserve.