Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders


A. Bodhisattva

Something many people here are overlooking is the thought of prosecutors and the judicial system that even if they can’t sentance any SO to death, which I believe many would, they will put them in a place where someone else WILL finish the job, or come darned close.

I speak from experience, having returned to “normal” society from a bid at a Low security Federal facility on the East coast.. Two very large compounds with 2200 men on each, with a population stated (by multiple case managers) to be 55% SO’s.
-> Incidents of intimidation, extortion, beatings or outright murders (uh, excuse me.. “accidental death”) were staggering and fairly ignored by the warden and staff who were much more concerned about shipping drug dealers out as fast as they could, back to the life they once lead. SO’s could simply rot.

And my life? An educated person with 30 years of professional work and titles is a part-time dishwasher. The staff “outed” me by a simple Google search and are now trying to “short shift” me in order to make me quit.

This is not a life, and not a bit fair. To all – I feel your pain.