Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders

Uzziah A.Israel

let me start by saying that I apologize I did not mean to make my post seen that everything is all about me I am in just such dire straits that I don’t know where to go who to talk to what help is available for me I am sorry for everyone who has lost someone I am sorry for everyone who was wrongly convicted and I sympathize with the families of those who are going through this travesty of law. I have learned recently well since 1997 that all it takes in this country is an accusation and as I stated in my last post I have believed like most of America that if you were convicted of a crime you had to have committed the crime. but since I was locked up on an accusation I learned the truth of the matter and again I’m sorry for anyone who has to go through this who has gone through this who’s currently going through this I understand what it is like and I don’t wish this on anyone I also understand how easy it is for our justice system to peddle human flesh my views of the laws in this country has changed drastically and again I don’t want to see like I’m being self centered in any way but it took me going through this experience to be able to see that not all things are as they seem and that we cannot as a society just go along with the status quo because we’re afraid of being a foster sized if we don’t agree or don’t go along or don’t fall into a certain category and I hope to god that everyone who was going through done through anything like this but there is resolution in your lives as well as mine that is beneficial to you and your family I know the things that you lost you can’t get back and I know how hard it is to live under the weight of having to register especially when you’re innocent I understand how people view you what they think about what they say about you and how they treat you when they see you my heart goes out to everyone have a good night and if you need to reach out to someone my information is on the website keep me updated keep me in the loopkeep me in your hearts and in your mind and I will do the same for you