Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders


Uzziah A.Israel

you already see my name,but it wasn’t always so. I changed it from Michael Ray because when my father passed I figured he wouldn’t be insulted by me changing my name. I lived in Minnesota for 24 years never made the best choices or even treated the women in my life the best I was physically abusive and just mean spirited. one day in 1997 during the summer months I abused my girlfriend at the time, I did this in front of my roommates who also happens to be a woman. I spent my girlfriend’s face I smacked her up and I made threats to her. I rent my hand in her hair as we went to sleep that night so she couldn’t run away like she did more often than not. however when I woke up it 6:27 in the morning she was gone two days laterthere was a knock at my door it was the Minneapolis Police who informed me that I was being charged with criminal sexual misconduct. 2 days after that they put me in jail. my ex girlfriend told them that I had forced her to perform fellatio on me and that she had spit it back in my clothes. anyone wnew me then could have told you that I wrote commando all the time. as I said I was incarcerated i sat in jail for almost almost a year I had a public defender who wouldn’t offend me a judge who hated me without knowing me and a prosecutor who prosecuted me without any evidence. here’s the kicker to the whole story when my roommate took the stand to talk about what she’d seen the prosecuting attorney asked this should be treated as a hostile witness. however in my trial they allowed my ex girlfriends friend who had given false information to the police on more than 1 occasion to testify in my trial my clothes came back negative and I guess they didn’t expect me to take my case to trial but I did and I lost no appeal helped my family had literally abandoned me I didn’t get a letter phone call a birthday card of visit or anythingfor the predominance of my time incarcerated. now I’m out and I’ve been out for 5 years, that would be something to rejoice about considering them off parole ,however since I’ve been out I have been followed around there are cameras in my house by individuals who followed me from Minnesota to Colorado who will not leave me alone I can’t go to a restaurant they will go in behind me at the restaurant talk to the wait staff to cook whoever will listen I can’t even go to a fast food restaurant without the fear of someone spitting in my food. I inform the authorities of the things that are going on here in Colorado Aurora Colorado to be more accurate. and once the police started to investigate my clean they went to the same individuals who are committing these crimes and started to take statements from these individuals concerning my doings. they have told the police that I have a gun they stand outside my home in the middle of the night in my neighbor’s yard and they threaten to shoot in the house to shoot me in the head to come in the house in the middle of the night while we sleep and kill my family they threatened to poison my dog and oh yes I register once every 3 months faithfully. up until the time that I was incarcerated I believed that if you were in jail you had to have committed some kind of crime now all I see when I hear anything on the news about any crime glory hounds looking for a way to put a feather in your cap they don’t care about your lifes they don’t care about my life especially the police and I live in Colorado where you can see something getting ready to happen and the police will turn a blind eye to it these people these people who have been following me around are keeping me from getting a job keeping me from getting an apartment and it’s a constant harassment they have my phone tapped they have I don’t know how but access to my emails my text messages my phone calls everything but the police won’t investigate any of my claims concerning that but recently I found out that once I go to the storage that I share with my mother I will be arrested as soon as I open the storage because of these individuals cleans that I have a gun if you look at my criminal history you will see that the predominance of my criminal history was physical abuse never rape never sexual misconduct never messing with children anything like that however these are the rumors these individuals have spread to every neighbor in every neighborhood that I’ve moved into or moved from there are people in my current neighborhood who don’t know me from a box of macaroni however they know about my criminal history and specifically the sex offense I was convicted of I feel as though there is no recourse there’s no getting away from this and it feels like the police don’t want to hear anything from me unless they’re trying to arrest me the individuals who follow me around have made a whole lot of false accusations concerning me I can’t even go to the grocery store without the people in the grocery store looking at me sideways I don’t even speak to women in a way that it would even seem like I am interested in them because I’m so afraid of being accused yet again and being put in jail yet again for something that I did not do.I am currently in college online trying to get my bachelors degree in Business Administration with a focus on project management however the road is hard because all the students that I share a classroom with over the internet of course have been contacted and told about my criminal history my teachers have been contacted and told about my criminal history so I am treated differently I don’t mind that people don’t want anything to do with me but let it be because of something I’ve done to that individual person not from something they’ve been told by someone who was so scared of me that they hide in the shadows and I mean there’s a group of approximately 8 of them following me around everything they can do outside of physically confronting and when I say they hide I mean literally they hide in the house all day the cameras that they have are connected to their cell phones so when they’re sitting there watching me on their cell phones I can hear them talking and I know it sounds crazy but it is the absolute honest to god truth if there’s anybody out there who can help me I would greatly appreciate your help your assistance I’m not asking for money because I’m on a fixed income I get Social Security right now without it I would probably be begging for coins on the corner because this is how deeply these cats are in to ruining my life to keep me from moving forward to trying to keep me from trying to rebuild my life its been an uphill climb since I got out but I refuse to let that conviction to find me but these individuals will not allow me to live my life