Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders

Trevor Radcliffe

I was also accused of having sexual relations with a minor, she was fifteen and I twenty one, she first claimed rape then changed her story two times till she said it was consensual.under Illinois law there does not have to be any evidence of transmission to convict, so DNA evidence didn’t make a factor.I faced six to thirty I was no saint,I had previous convictions for pot and retail theft,I was just a dumb kid.But I would never ever rape a girl that I thought was my friend or anyone else for that manner, she apparently had a crush on me and told people we were together.when I found out I admit I reacted poorly, but she angered went and falsely told people we had sex, people told me that she was saying these things but I told people that they were rumours nothing more and that the law would find me in the right, how naive I was, my life has been ruined and I watched as friends that I never thought would betray me fell away in droves.I was given a year probation but with no place to live I was violated and sent to prison for two years and marked as a sexual predator for life.I have new friends now and live my life as well as I can but this still effects my life in new and torturous ways I am glad that I happened to find this organisation it gives me hope, thanks for listening and fighting for those who have no voice.