Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders


L. McDonald

Sorry about the mess you got in…it’s really bad down here in Florida. Your civil rights are thrown out the window and the county I was in was the most corrupt in the state if not the nation. Back in 1999, I had a car accident when an 86 hit me headon, going the wrong direction on a one way hgy. He totaled my car and me. Had a traumatic brain injury, soine hip and alot of soft tissue damage. Got fired from my job at a paper in Sarasota, for being disabled, then lost my insurance, couldn’t afford the high cobra insurance…The doctor had me on vioxx and baycol, and they nearly killed me…went home to an empty house and empty bank account. Guess she had kept the last 4 or 5 house payments, so house was in forclosure, got evicted..could barely walk, and forced to live in a tent in the woods…homeless and no one would help me. Tried the V.A. clinic ibut was turned away…to many on their waiting list….I suffered from PTSD from what I went through in the Marines back in 1968….so that didn’t help things out either. Took 2 1/2 years to get my Social Security Disability, and as long to finally get in the V. A. The Social Security Doctors found me incompetent, had to have a copayee to handle my money, etc. One of my sons did that, but just signed all my blank checks and turned me loose?? Didn’t see much after that…needless to say, I was being exploited and abused by a group of street people, who were stealing thousands from my SSD, my pain and psych meds, then set me up, so they didn’t get in trouble. I was arrested in the local mental health crisis unit due to a suicide attempt…my PTSD episodes were horrible, and all the trauma that I went through back in 1968 was taking over, and the brain injury didn’t help either. Well I was arrested at the Mental Health Clinic on alligations by one of those street people, a 26 y.o. who told his story to his therapist, and she called the police….So they arrested me (never arrested before), and was put in jail. The court doctors found me incompetent so the judge ordered me to the trauma unit at V.A. Bay Pines, in St. Pete, but a U. S. Attorney there kept me out of court ordered treatment, so they just warehoused me there for 2,760 day’s. Almost 8 years of my life! No victim, no victim statement, never allowed to face my accusers, they all left the area or state according to my attorney. And was told thatthey should have released me after year #4, but they kept me for almost 4 more years…were talking in a South Florida County Jail!! They had finally found me competent in March of 2010, and my paid attorney finally came to the jail to see me (1st time in all those years) he told me that Judge Daily was going to release me and drop the charges, but I had to see one more court doctor to say that I wasn’t a threat to myself or anyone else. The judge dies of breast canser two weeks later, so we get stuck with a political appointee, who wouldn’t honor the other judges dying wish for my case….she was hammering everyone, especially anyone with a sex charge. You don’t even want to go to trial there, the State controls the jury, and brings in everyone and their dog as paid expert witnesses, to say exactly what they want and need for them to say…..My attorney comes again, and offers me a plea deal….no probation, no restrictions, but have to register twice a year. Can go anywhere, live anywhere. So I took it…had only seen one 81 y.o. cuban man win at trial. In all those years, so had to. In Florida, they have a point system to go to prison….I had a total of 4.7 points, thats four point seven points! It takes 44 or more points to go to prison. The jail faxed a paper about my case to the Dept. Of Corrections Reception Center in Orlando….they sent it back stating they wanted nothing to do with my case….so the jail turned me out on the street at 1:30a.m., disabled…oh, forgot to tell you, was in a wheelchair when arrested, denied me one in jail, just to go to medical, and court, which didn’t happen very often. Normally threw me in the back of a van in cuffs and schackles??? Had no family to pick me up, so called a lay pastor who would come to jail on Sundays, I was normally the only one who would go see him on Sundays. Remembered he said to call if i needed help. He was so upset with my case and how I was being treated, he went to my attorneys office to talk to them, but they wouldn’t let him in, he also went to our congressmans office, but they couldn’t help?? He did come, and got me a motel room and gave me some money, meantime I called my sister in California, and shee contacted my cousin in Tampa. His wife drove down and got me the next day. Thankfully, I got in a good county , and my case manager at the local Sheriffs office, has been great to work with, and couldn’t believe what I went through down in South Florida. I’m also originally from Southwest Iowa, was in the newspaoer and publishing business for32 years. Had been married for33 years before my wife ran off with another man, after the MVA. I plead out to credit time served, the 2,760 days…just to get out of that horrible jail, wanted to fight it all the way, but they ‘ve got you, and most of the guys in my pod got 15 to 35 years, most on just accusations by someone trying to put you away, or get back at you?? Sad. (