Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders

Sad Mom/Grandma

My son was accused by his niece (my granddaughter). Long story…my granddaughter got mad at her father 2 yrs before this and accused him. Then she got mad at her uncle & accused him. She told the police there was a text from my son to her saying “send me a naked pic of you”. that is the only evidence besides her word that they have. But when she realized that he will go to prison for a long time (in the state of FL) she said that she had been playing with his phone that night and sent some texts (not blatantly admitting she sent the text to herself). Days before this, she had texted me saying she was mad at my son and was “going to get him”. Well I guess she has. He’s been in jail for 14 months and prosecutor asking for life in prison. My son is depressed and told his attorney to accept 10 years if the prosecutor will agree. He’s given up. He feels like there is no fight left and in the state of FL….there doesn’t have to be any evidence. If a child says it happened, the man is guilty. Period. I know of a friend who had a son age 25 who was in a relationship with a 16 yr old, living at her mother’s house…the mother got mad at him so she charged him…he spent time in prison and is now on the sex offender registry. The purpose of these registry should be for true sex offenders…those who have raped for example. Not those who some girl gets mad and charges them or those who are in a consensual relationship. Yrs ago a kid at school who was 19 was charged who had been in a relationship with this gal for 4 yrs. He went to prison. This is wrong!! We need to change these laws in EVERY state. These people’s life’s are changed forever. Very sad mother and grandmother.