Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders


I have been saying to everone who will listen that there something terrible wrong with florida sex offenders law , thay seem to judge all as one. My son is now stuck in florida with no family there , cant leave the state! his on house arrested meaning his has to wear the monator for two years he has time restructures when he needs to be back into the house,we are renting him a bed in a rooming house with other offenders that’s all we can afford, in one of the wrose area in town. he cant find a job he has looked he has no car no money ect he has to eat at a free food kitchen, we support him .with his rent and little money for bus fair it’s either live there or under a brige or go back to jail he was going to live with a friend but the friend live near a park . . he lost ever thing he had car,place we’re he lived 2 jobs . when he meet a women on facebook that turn out to be a 17 year con artists. Just a few months from 18th birthday.there was evidence of extortion and blackmail, by her , non of that was shown to the judge and the day district attorney said he was told that there was extortion and blackmail. But he didn’t see any evidence, month earlier I sent that evidence to the d,a office and as well as to my son’s attorney we hire . We do not live in florida seems like ever time there was a court date it was canceled ,that’s very hard on a family to make Plans to be there. Regardless the day they had the pretrial i didn’t get to make it , our family had made plans to be at the trial . But when my son called me he said his lawyer didn’t mention anything in my sons defence nothing about the blacking nothing about the court order evaluation by the psychiatrist , his findings were in favor for my son, his not a threat to anyone and his Not a sexual predator. And should not even be charged. As a sex effender. I ask the lawyer why was any evidence not presented to the court ,his answer was the judge don’t like it when you thow the victim under the bus.I said my son the victim ,that so called victim was never charge for extortion and blackmail,none of that matter I was told the fact is he went out with a 17-year-old.and even if my son was able to come home he can’t , we live next to a his mother I have many many sleepless nights. Are lifes will never ever be the same. Until the laws charges and the teens who look older and lie about there age to destroy an innocent man can be accountable for their actions, and that ever sex effender cases would be fairly judge . There will never be in peace in so many mother and fathere’s hearts.