Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders

Iowa S.O.

I can relate to a lot of these stories. When I was 22,I had a 15 year old lie about things that never happened. But because of the way the Iowa laws are set up, I was forced into a plea agreement.

I had gotten into a fight with my now ex wife and ended up that night borrowing a truck drivers sleeper cab. I woke up in the middle of the night to oral sex, that I did not initiate or allow to take place. I kicked her out of the sleeper and went back to sleep. Come to find out, she was a 15 year old prostitute, pimped out by her uncle. She tried blackmailing me, and I tried to die. The county attorney was the only person that wanted to press charges. I am the 9th out of 13 guys that this young lady, term used loosely, that she has gotten in trouble.

The county sheriff at the time even stepped into my cell when I was in county jail, and told me that in his opinion they had the wrong person in there. My lawyer said that this still was not enough evidence to help my case and that the plea agreement was still my best option. That was 6 years ago and I’m still suffering the consequences. I have lost my home, jobs I had and jobs that I only applied for, my wife, everything.

Six years later, I have only been divorced for a little more than a year, my ex wife tried to tough it out, I am still on parole for misdemeanors that I did 47 months locked up for three years worth of charges. I am lucky to have a support system of people that know I’m not some pedophile/predator, and a fiance with two girls that call me “dad”. I’m honestly hoping that I will be able to put this all behind me someday, but there are days that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

My knuckles have been bloodied and my spirit broken. I have been humiliated and labeled, bruised and robbed of some of the moments in my life I will never see. But I will continue to fight for others that may not always be able to fight for themselves. I just sometimes wish I had the resources to do more. So if anyone ever needs support on here, I can share a fresh bit of sunlight.