Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders



My son was convicted as a sex offender because the girl he met thru a friend, they both lied to him and conspired to lie to him about the girls age, He ask the girl how old she was, it was not ignorance of the age, because he ask, and it was backed up by anothers word whom he thought he could trust. Now he is labeled as a sex offender and all those conditions for sex offenders is so far out there it is unreal! When you do the time and you get out, You have paid your debt. There needs to be stipulations in most of the cases, because in Florida the conviction rate is 95 % because the law does not let you have a defense. This is the worst state in the union, I was born here and lived here all my life, was a police officer, and I will never understand the logic behind doing this to someone who has been labeled a sex offender and has done their time and gets out to start a new life, but can not due to the stipulations forced on them. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! NOT ALL ARE PREDATORS, THOSE WHO SEEK OUT CHILDREN …THEY SHOULD BE LABELED SEX OFFENDERS, Not those who do not. and especially when there is sworn statements to prove their innocents. IT MAKES ME WANT TO PULL MY HAIR OUT!!! I AM SO FRUSTRATED WITH THESE LAW MAKERS. I AM GOING TO FIGHT TO GET THIS CHANGED IF IT IS THE LAST THING I DO WHILE I AM ABLE TO DO SO… I WILL STAY ON IT TIL MY LAST BREATH! ANYONE WANTING TO JOIN FORCES TO GET THIS LAW CHANGED … I AM AVAILABLE TO WORK WITH YOU AND SPEAK OUT ON THIS HORRIBLE LAW. MY SON WILL BECOME A SOCIAL OUTCAST. LIKE SOMEONE WITH THE PLAGUE. IT IS NOT RIGHT, IT CAUSES OTHERS TO PREJUDGE THEM AND WANT TO DO HARM TO THEM…THEY DO NOT KNOW THE INDIVIDUAL CASE…AND EACH CASE I THINK SHOULD BE LOOKED AT CLOSELY…TO DETERMINE THE SEVERITY OF THE PERSON’S CASE… NOT ALL ARE BAD.. JUST CAUGHT UP IN A BAD LAW.