Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders


A NH Registrant

George, I am so very sorry to hear what happened to your family. That is just insane that a judge can be that cruel to someone with a clear mental illness.

I, too, was sentenced for a hands-off crime of possession. I had no criminal record, not even a speeding ticket. They found a single file on my computer because someone reported me. I had a pornography addiction, so I downloaded a lot of it. To my knowledge, none of it was of children. I am not, nor have I ever been, a pedophile. So, the only way I can imagine the file got there is if someone planted it, or it was in a mass download, or a virus/hacker. The Prosecutor drew up a deal of 1 yr in County and 3 yrs probation. Then, the detective got wind of our deal SOMEHOW and stopped it by stating that he had more evidence. My attorney and I were stunned. We only were allotted 1 examination of the evidence against me (my hard drive) by a technical expert. The detective produced discs that he claimed were mine which were loaded with the most vile materials one could ever imagine. My attorney said there was nothing we could do to fight a cop (my atty was a public defender since I’m low income).

So, I was given a choice: go to court and fight against a cop and lose via a technicality of NH CP Possession Law and get 20 years, or take a plea and get 7 yrs maximum. I had no choice. I was forced to take a plea. I couldn’t fight the cop AND the technicality. It was a WIN for the prosecution and the Prison Industry, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. Now, I sit on this Registry (which I have to pay $50 a year for) for the rest of my natural life and have my picture and address on 3 WEBSITES which endangers my family as well as myself 3 possible times. And now, someone is going around killing Registrants in my area.

The police don’t care.
The state doesn’t care.
The general public around here doesn’t care.
And I get to live with this for the rest my life and my family’s lives.

The Registry is a clear violation of Ex Post Facto (US Constitution), and also a violation of the Bill of Rights where it concerns CRUEL and UNUSUAL punishment. But, our mostly corporate-owned, FASCIST Supreme Court says that the Registry isn’t a punishment. The Registry puts my FAMILY in danger as well as myself for the one time I was convicted of a felony.

What about murderers? Drug Dealers? Domestic Violence Felons? Drunk Drivers? Burglars? Thieves? Assaulters? Do any of them have to be on a public registry in 3 DIFFERENT PLACES and endanger THEIR families? Nope! That is reserved for US!

It’s disgusting what our country done to the people they fear: African Americans, Italians/Germans/Asians locked in internment camps in World War II, and now US. Children are more in danger from ALL of those felons that I mentioned than ANY Registrant. They’re harmed more often by falling off bikes/skateboards, etc. than by ANYONE on the Registry. Only 5% or less are truly dangerous people. Why are the other 95% of us on the registry?

Answer: Money, Votes, Promotions. It’s just sickening what we’ve become. Home of the Free, indeed!