Reply To: They’re killing sex offenders


i am so sorry for your loss. My son spent many years in jail, for rape. that was 30 years ago. the laws need to be changed and only those of us who lose their children feel the ultimate depth of pain. my son did not kill him, yet. but he is constantly depressed your son did not deserve the time. I lost my daughter to drug abuse, she was in a dark place. i am concerned about my son. A parent knowing they cant keep the children safe is the worst hell on earth, and this goes for soooooo many family members of the registry. i have truly entertained the thought of going to Washington and blowing myself away as an opportunity to make them listen to what these laws are doing to loved ones. My heart goes out to you. i am a nurse, and stable minded, but the anger, resentment, and hate that sometimes comes out of nowhere is unbelievable. These are OUR children. i have never judged anyone and i think it is because some day i knew i would be put to the test. am a true Christian or not? i am. please contact me anytime.via here.. maggy