Reply To: An urgent notice


I know the feeling , I’m also in PA and haven’t been able to find work, any perspective Job I come across I’m told that I have to get permission from my court ordered therapy, I cant even go to church without permission from this group. They even tell us that we can’t wear certain clothes, if we change our appearance with a hair cut they believe were reoffending. Nothing is done, we have no one to turn to. They constantly threaten us with discharging from the therapy group which is a probation violation and a ticket back to jail for a 6 month stay stating were a threat to society. No proof of course, according to them they don’t need proof except these so-called facilitators word.
I was sentenced to 3 months in jail 6 months home monitoring and 7 years probation, These “facilitators” threaten to send some of us back to jail for the remaining years of probation, I’ve served my sentence, truth be told it doesn’t matter how much time I was sentenced to It a life sentence. Murderers get less of a sentence. Im still a human being aren’t I? I feel like they might as well have tattooed a number to my wrist, no other crime is required to register, no other crime stops a person from getting a job or having a career, its difficult for other crimes but not as difficult as a sex offender. I pray everyday for another chance.