Reply To: An urgent notice

NH Registrant

RSOL has one heck of an uphill climb to make any dents in the Registry in the New England area. Maine, NH, VT, MA, and CT are all stubbornly sticking to their registry policies and not giving an inch. Same with Florida and Oklahoma. The draconian laws are worse in all of the states I mentioned.

NH is now taking DNA from Registrants for the 2ND time. No one knows why. I had to give my DNA again this year when I Re-Registered. It’s amazing how much this violates our Constitutional rights. But, as I was told in Prison by a guard: “You HAVE no rights. NO ONE is going to fight for you. And if I had MY way, all you perverts would be executed or never leave prison.” Nice, huh? Once you are convicted of a sex crime in this country, the general public considers you a child molester, dangerous, and no longer of value to society. You are also something to be afraid of. Paranoia and Fear gets the ignorant public to vote for this unconstitutional legislation. And it also keeps the oath-violating politicians in office. Just wave the fear card in front of the general public’s faces and they’ll dance to the tune every single time.