Reply To: An urgent notice


Don’t give up, Mark. I know it sucks. But, perhaps RSOL, Ms. Bellucci and the others can change things for us. I know my state will be one of the last to give in. They were the first to adopt the Registry, and even made it worse with the former Atty. General Kelly Ayotte heading the charge based on false data based on discredited research from decades ago. So, now our registry as of 2006 is 10yrs/Life/Life for the 3 Tiers.

Why should I be on a registry for life? Am I that dangerous? The short answer is NO. But, Ms. Ayotte convincingly scared the public into compliance with her ambition, and the prison industry went right along with it since it fills their coffers. Someday, that might change, but I don’t see it happening in my lifetime (I have less than a decade to go due to illness).

So, they won’t get many years out of me. It’s just ridiculous we’ve had our basic constitutional rights violated. They violated mine before I had even been indicted. But, they get away with it because the general public is ignorant and used to hating people.

My family cares about me, but they are elderly and we all aren’t going to be around much over a decade from now. I will be there for them as long as I can physically be. But, once my time is up, there isn’t anything I can do about it. At least I won’t be on any registry then. Until then, I owe it to the people who love me, and the decent people who don’t need to be on a registry, to fight as long as I can and be strong.

Bless you and your family as well, Mark.