Reply To: An urgent notice



To be honest am on the registry for life but, thankful it is not made public because the law her in California says that if the victims are 16 or older at the time of the offense I can be excluded from public viewing. But there is a internet article that recently surfaced ten years after my offense that has again turned my life upside down.The article makes it sound worse than it is, it does not mention that I was convicted of have four pictures of sixteen year old on my computer but, instead says I was to be charged with multiple counts of CP. It just never ends, I had partial rebuilt my life now its in ruins again.

Why are we being punished so severely forever, when all we did was look ( its like we are being punished for what many men do driving down the street that look at a young women walking down the street) only it was on a computer that we found by doing a click, click and we are somewhere that someone put up stuff that is illegal.

I’m tired and have really just given up, I don,t view porn of any sort today, but that does not matter. Life just seems pretty much pointless now that world knows. There goes all those years in school, any sort or job and a possible lose of new friends I have made.

Thankfully I do have a famliy and many friends that know of this and support me but, if I cant support myself whats the point??

I hope you are able to find some sort of peace in dealing with this nighmare

May God bless you and family