Reply To: An urgent notice


Thanks for the reply, Mark.

I, too, had a porn addiction. When I was under 7 yrs old, a teenage girl in the neighborhood had her way with me. I didn’t know any better. So, I always felt nervous and uncomfortable around teenage girls and still am to this day. I was never into little children and never would be.

But, surprisingly enough, what was found on my computer is stuff I did NOT download. I downloaded an unhealthy amount of pornography, but I am 100% sure none of it was little children. But, they found a nice way to shoehorn that in so they could get a conviction by forcing me to plea with threats of decades in prison. I had no defense, only a public defender. So, I had no choice but to take the plea.

I might have had teenagers on my hard drive, but like you said, it’s hard to tell if they are or aren’t. A lot of women in their 20’s masquerade as teens. It happens alot in europe. Courts have even convicted people of files including them because they couldn’t guess the ages either. But, even after it was discovered they weren’t teens, the convictions were NOT overturned. Once you’re in the system, they don’t let you out. At least around here.

So, whoever had my evidence, decided to make the charge stick by putting vile images and videos into my evidence. There is NO other way they could have gotten there. I’m not in denial, I just knew my habits and what I did and did not have.

My addiction ended up doing real harm to me by making it easy to convince the judge that since I had so much pornography, that of course I would have forbidden stuff as well. Amazing. No wonder why people don’t come forward and get help with pornography and sex addictions. They’re frightened of the authorities, and rightly so!

This all has to change! Neither you, nor I belong on a public registry. We are no danger to ANYONE. But, since someone makes money off of us, we stay there.