Reply To: An urgent notice



Very well written! I am also a registrant with that hands-off crime. I have to register for the rest of my life and live in fear of what the public may do to my family or myself at any given time. Sex offenders have been murdered around the country due to the registry, and in some cases, their family members as well.

There is no excuse for this other than it is an easy way for states to make revenue off of the fees they collect from registrants. Yes, we also have to PAY for the privilege of putting our families and ourselves in danger. In many states, there are multiple web sites which have the same information. So, registrants are penalized multiple times along with their loved ones.

This is a sickening state of affairs in our country. A small number of states are purging their registries of low end registrants like myself. But, unfortunately, my state loves the free money too much.

As long as ignorance continues, as long as you see “pedophile” jokes on television shows, as long as you see sex crime stories on nearly every newscast, as long as there are people who need a “boogey man” to fear, the registry will be alive and well. Not for Police who commit sex crimes (regularly happening), not for their friends, not for politicians, and not for rich people — just for the poor people who aren’t connected enough to keep themselves from wearing the lifetime public scarlet letter.

I’m very ashamed of what our country has become. My ancestors fought and died in the Revolutionary War, and ever war since. Was THIS what they gave the ultimate sacrifice for?