Reply To: 2014 conference a success


Brad – WA

Thanks to all that started this movement. I found out about this group by finally being proactive about my frustrations about the legal mafia, from police all the way to politician.
I would like to ask those who refer to hands-on or hands-off offenses to consider this. While in prison I experienced what I thought were much more horrific crimes, but there I was amongst them.
I learned later who some of them were as people, not just by the crimes they committed. We’re all together in this. Unlike politics or the religion in this country that is attempting to divide us. One strength this cause needs, unity.
I am an incest survivor, as I state this many questions could arise. My struggles within from my own victimization has put me in a place I never understood until I was discovered by my wife, my one love who wants me dead. If only I’d trusted her with what happened to me as a child. Right? Where would we be now?
Eight years in December, I know for sure now, I don’t have to feel alone anymore. For me, that’s never been an easy place.
I just want to thank again, all those who have made this forum available