Reply To: 2014 conference a success

Calvin J Stone

Hi, here in Maine I was told by a few lawyers, and some state rep. That once you are placed on the list of death you are on it. I’ve also have been told That if they start fighting to remove it they will be voted out of office. Can you say big money makers. There is a group called mothers of America. This is the same group who sticks there nose into our military, prisons, to control how things are done. dont get me wrong Some things they are stating is for the good. Like prisoner’s should get longer vist time. More classes on their crimes. I feel this sex offenders list each state has and the watch dog list is way out of control. Here in my state of Maine I am on 4 list. I Googled my name, plus some prive site controled by the mothers of America. The bad part is my ssn is on the paper work you can request. I cant do anything about it. No one will do anything for me. Even if I had $3,000.00 to go into court. Do to the list of hell. I do not have a job.