Reply To: 2014 conference a success

NH Registrant

I just found out from a close friend that NH is now collecting DNA from ALL Registrants….AGAIN. They had to do it when the law was put in effect a couple years ago. But, someone decided they shoudl take it twice. We’re so sinister that we can change our DNA, too! Amazing! How many more times can the state violate our constitutional rights?

The police themselves actually think this is getting insane and completely unnecessary. They believe the registry should be PRIVATE and they would only keep tabs on the repeat offenders and the really dangerous. It’s a complete waste of manpower and tax dollars to do this. But, since politicians love to get votes from ignorant, paranoid people, they’re out of control and bigger criminals now than any convicted felon. Violating the oath you take when taking office and becoming an officer of the law is a federal crime. Yet, they do it every day. Honestly, this may sound weird, but: Perhaps it should get worse and start to encompass not only ALL felons, but regular people as well. Look at the uproar over the mass surveillance state now after the politicians strengthened the police state after 9/11! People are VERY angry! Perhaps the situation getting worse will finally show the ignorant public how much this kind of practice is VERY dangerous to all people!