Reply To: 2014 conference a success


Well RSOL is growing. I went to the first conference in Boston, and hopefully will get to the next one. I am planning on moving to NH. I thought NC, but….maybe in a few years. My sons attorney has taken a real interest in whats happening. He has been his lawyer on and off. He was a public defender. His interest and outrage at the laws peeked when my son was arrested for not registering (he had just gotten back to MA). The attorney is now consulting others on the laws, and he is truly baffled? angry? at what he believed in, doesn’t exist for registered citizens. To me it doesn’t matter, hands on, computer porn, whatever. Constitutional rights, Civil rights ect are being taking away on a daily basis. If lawyers took an oath, then they to should be concerned. It won’t stop here, or with registered citizens, it will spread like a poison if not stopped. I am truly sorry if one feels they do not belong on the registry, but NONE do. The registry should not even be in existence. I will continue to educate, and support those in need of help. I find being honest has served us well with family neighbors and friends, United we Stand, Maggy