Reply To: 2014 conference a success



I eagerly await more videos on YouTube of the conference. They are comforting.

I’ve only seen 3 or so videos: One of Lenore’s speech with the props, and 2 with Ms. Bellucci. It’s comforting to know that people are fighting for us Registrants.

Here in New Hampshire, there are 3 different web sites which publish the Registry info. So, we are Constitutionally violated 3 times. My family is put in danger 3 times. And I, myself, am humiliated and put in danger 3 times. So, I get to live the rest of my life knowing one conviction for a hands-off offense (and no prior record AT ALL) puts me and my loved ones on a public hit list.

People have already been murdered in my part of the country, one recently and close by! I keep wondering: Am I next?

Great job on what I’ve seen so far. I just wish someone would put New Hampshire’s 3 WEB SITE Registry in the spotlight at one of your conferences. People need to know that the Registry isn’t just one website in other states too!