Reply To: RSOL receives positive exposure at NACDL’s annual meeting


Please Help Us out here in Pennsylvania. We are going through hell and many lives are at stake. Mistaken downloads, 18 year olds only crime was using p2p sites 7 years ago and being hormonal (Normal). 32 Non violent pics, only those from approx. 16 to 17 years old which the law calls children. Now my son is 25 and they want to nail him to a cross. Child Crime Invest. used an old computer with no battery and non working for 7 years in my sons closet. He saved it because of family vacation pics and memories. Very nice young man, educated with 1 semester left in college. Kicked out of school when not even sentenced or taken a plea. He viewed at 25 an adult site and downloaded 20 pics, 1 was bad with a 12 year old dancing in a bikini not exposed (which they call it). He has never had interest in children. Dated girls his age, etc…. now court and gotta take a plea for something he is not. A law that was made to protect children has become out of control, wrecking lives of good citizens. Now they will be on welfare and part of the system because of job loss, or killing themselves. All the law makers are scared of this subject and fear their jobs, if they speak out! This is going on across the country. Now I know that there are true Pedi’s out there, but the law needs an overhaul.