Reply To: Zero evidence to support residency restrictions


Theses restrictions are totally not needed. My son lives with me in a small town in Ma. The police arrested my son for “not registering” in June, he just returned from Mississippi. They said he was here for two weeks, which was a lie. I have two sons, and there was no reason they would know the difference. Some one called and my son from Mississippi was arrested. He is out on $10,000.00 cash bail. Plus a GPS.He has been indited for trial, and is suppose to pay a large fee for being near a public beach daily. The judge was adamant about him staying with me, so there really is nothing the police can do. They should drop the fake charges and let us be on our way. Poiice with this giddy up attitude, cause a lot of fear. They wanted my son out, but they want a piece of flesh also. Not too many years ago they were being sued for $6,000.000 dollars in negligence in the death of a 21 year old. Anyways these restriction laws are of no use do nothing to keep children safe, and make it hard for all of to live. We live in a building filled with children and the neigbors are not concerned about my son, They know who he is and why the police stop by to check in. My understanding is that the restriction laws are made by towns and really are not laws???????? Just something the towns/states came up with to make our lives more miserable. Look a our governor Patrick Duvaul, his brother in law gets a free pass?????? OKKKKKKKKKKKK