Reply To: Zero evidence to support residency restrictions


Keep your head up Phil. I too at times get really down. But I have found comfort in filling my head with the “solution-based” stuff on youtube and other sites. I have been on the list since 1999 and from my perspective I believe there is truly is a sea-change going on. I have stumbled upon many articles and youtube posts featuring professors and professionals and lawyers who are beginning to speak out this crazy issue and they are backed with sound, common sense research. There really is a LOT out there going on favor of reform. When i’m feeling down, i’ll turn on the Ohio case on youtube or listen to jill levenson in Boca Raton or listen to a good session from one of the RSOL conferences and play it loud in my house! For some reason that makes me feel better. Also, Phil, I will mention here that in this process I have also found that the country as a whole is really going through some kind of waking up process in regards to the media in general, the government, Iraq, etc. We are definitely in a major transition as a society and many folks, I believe, are beginning to question and think on a deeper level about many issues. Not sure what your politics are but Ron Paul is a new discovery of mine and there is no doubt in my mind that if confronted with this issue he would be on our side. He’s a good man. Jesse Ventura too is speaking common sense as well. Just remember they might try to control the physical aspects of our life, but they can’t control our minds or our soul. Easier said than done, believe me I know and some days are better than others. I refuse to be a victim and I try to do what I can to shut out the nay sayers. They are not in charge of my happiness!