Reply To: NJ Supremes strike blow for Constitution | Ex Post Facto

TC Young

Your comment was either designed to poke and get a response or shows a complete lack of understanding of the issue, the terminology, this site, and/or the registry.

This site is not offered to provide an escape to former offenders, nor does it advocate those who might re-offend. As with too many in society you equate being on the registry with being a violent, predatory child molester. That is one of the beefs with the registry and how it has grown out of control. Many of those on the list have non-violent, non-predatory and sometimes even non-sexual convictions and only some of them were committed against children.

If you would take the time to read and understand the various studies out there with regard to sex offender recidivism you would learn that you (and those children you care so much about) are probably statistically safer living next door to a rehabilitated former offender than someone with a “clean” record. Politicians and the media have quoted highly rare and grievous instances of repeat offenders to whip the crowd into a frenzy and justify a pat on the back for themselves for doing something that, if cast into the true light of day, would reveal that they are scamming you for personal benefit.

Your knee jerk reaction is just that. For instance, because I am on the registry, you probably envision that I attacked and abused some child and am just waiting for my chance to have another go at it. However, the truth is far different. Granted, my victim was under the age of 18, but per the state, she was beyond the age of consent. Per the federal report on me, I am classed as a non-predator for reasons pertaining to the facts of the case. I truly regret my actions and any emotional or mental pain caused to the young woman in question, and never want to see anyone else put into that position based on my actions. (For the record, per the medical examination performed on her there was absolutely no evidence of any contact).

There are former offenders out there that do pose a danger. However, by painting everyone on the registry, and then expanding it to include just about any conceivable notion of sex being involved, with such a broad stroke, you are minimizing law enforcements ability to deal with the limited number who actually do present a potential danger.