Reply To: NJ Supremes strike blow for Constitution | Ex Post Facto


I do understand. I am from Florida, my case is from Florida. Yes, Florida seems to be a path of no return. Well, that’s what they want to do fine. In a few years when the crime keeps happening and the horrible abuses continue maybe then they will realize that what they are doing is not working. Until then, fight your case. Change doesn’t just happen and just because it seems impossible doesn’t mean it won’t happen. And as far as this issue is concerened. We are on the RIGHT side of the the issue for countless reasons. And i challenge any intelligent, thinking person to disagree. It is for this reason that Florida will and must change. Maybe not when we want them to, but they must. It is simply the only right and moral thing to do. Slavery lasted way too long, but it had to change. It was so obviously wrong and so that is our mission: fight our case and make the “wrongness” of all loud and clear to those who will, and courts who must, listen!