Reply To: NJ Supremes strike blow for Constitution | Ex Post Facto

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If you’re really concerned about the children, then you should be very concerned about the unintended consequences that occur as a result of constant Shaming and Banishment. It’s kind of like kicking a dog when you want it to change behavior, the more you kick it the meaner it gets. If you’re really concerened about the children then you need to ask why are they letting out “sneaker sexual predators” from prison? Do you really feel protected when you hear about Registries and Residency Restrictions? You know they have cars right? and can move about freely during the day? If you are really concerned about children then you should be eager to see that those who once broke the law, have served their time, paid their debt and now are being given every opportunity to live a better life, have a family, safe housing and obtain gainful employment. Sex Offender Laws prevent ALL of those things, thereby turnng someone who already had issues to begin with into a truly, desperate, homeless, hopeless individual with nothing to lose and nothing to do but roam the streets. Now THAT’s scary indeed. Banishment, Shame and homelessness make everything worse, not better and there is piles of research from all areas of government, universities, social research institutions that back up everything i’ve just said here. Revenge and anger are never the emotions that affect progress, our Grandmothers taught us that. We don’t improve things by acting out of fear, anger and hate. And finally try to remember too that this is the United State of America and the gov’t doesn’t get to act like Hitler at any given moment because an ill-informed public is angry and scared. All it takes is just a few more minutes of common sense and reason. The end result is a safer better society for everyone. because the main goal for ALL of us involved in this issue is to have the safest society possible for ALL families and for ALL children. THAT is the only agenda i’m concerned with that’s for sure!