Reply To: NJ Supremes strike blow for Constitution | Ex Post Facto

rps abq

All any state is doing is ruling on cases brought by defendents. If we want change we must get working on our cases and challenge it in court. No money? Then do the research and call a public defender like Williams did in Ohio. (Ohio vs Williams) If we are waiting for the laws to magically change it will never happen. The judicial system is our only pathway. As more and more of us work towards the desired result in our own personal situations, over time the undesired negative will fade away. We are mistaken if we think that by fighting and pushing hard against all this will be very effective. We must work for what we want to manifest in our lives. By focusing and complaining on the wrongness of it all i’m afraid we unintentioanlly prolong the desired change. And believe me I only speak out of my own experience of once being totally hopeless and downtrotten. No more! From here on out it’s only solution, solution, solution!