Reply To: RSOL is news in California

Clifford Ray Irby II

I took a deferred adjudication plea on 02/28/94, on a charge that never happened, (claimed to occur on 03/12/1991) in Texas. Texas law valid @ that time, calls for the dismissal of the indictment. I never had to register, or be treated as a sexual predator. Fastward to April 29, 2009, in the State of Louisiana. I am arrested on a made up drug lab charge & FORCED to register in order to be eligible for bond. I have a sworn document from the very Texas court that the deferred adjudication was handled in stating that deferred adjudication was not a conviction @ that time. Yet, Louisiana refuses to accept &/or adhere to the full faith & credit clause of the U.S. Constitution. They are publishing that I was convicted.