Reply To: Was Grisham right? Child porn laws and mass incarceration



I love it when someone with anger issues tells someone else what they will “probably” say next. Your comments after that make no sense whatsoever, Cynthia. Honestly. And no matter how many exclamation points use use, they are still muddled and based on nothing. Nothing about this is “clear”; you have no way of knowing anything about the “interests” of this man or anyone else. Where, oh whereever, have you seen anyone claim that cp victims “enjoyed” or consented to being raped?!
Children are abused because some people get off on abusing children. Sometimes those people like memorializing those acts. That’s bad. But no one has ever been able to prove (or even assert with any reasonable authority) that children are abused solely for the purpose of making cp. Bad as it is, the pornography isn’t the problem. The abuse of children is the problem.
I’d also like to remind you, way up there on your moral high-horse, that the children here were 16. Not 4, or 5, or even 12. 16. Lots of perfectly normal (as opposed to “defective”) adults find 16-year-olds sexually attractive. For centuries it was the norm. It’s not legal in our society today (nor am I saying it should be), but it is hardly “defective” or “delusional”.