Reply To: Was Grisham right? Child porn laws and mass incarceration


I find it hilariously sickening that Mr Grisham received such a backlash of angry “fans” (and perhaps some who aren’t fans but know of his works) just because he said it shouldn’t be such a big deal when there have been much higher profile celebrities like Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford speaking in FAVOR of letting the past PHYSICAL RAPE of a 13-yr-old female by director Roman Polanski be put behind him and to “leave him alone” because it happened so long ago.

It was not even one of those ‘consensual, yet illegal’ relations with an underage female. Mr Polanski DRUGGED and INTOXICATED her so that he could take sexual advantage of her. That’s RAPE. But let’s give Mr Polanski a break because of his great contributions to the film industry with his award winning movies and let’s all be against anyone else who committed a sex offense and lock their butts up whether it was a consensual act or not. Or simply the viewing of what turns out to be underage pornography.

Does ANYONE else see a problem with these two very DIFFERENT reactions to someone’s illegal behavior??????