Reply To: WHEN FANTASIES ARE ENOUGH TO CONVICT A GUY or Notice: No children were harmed in the making of this cartoon


I am a registrant. I was convicted under having a fantasy on line too. In a recent court appearance I had, I was testifying to the fact that I had no true way of knowing who was on the other side of the keyboard. Of course, it was a cop they claim. Entrapment is against the law. When reading the law, they design these so called stings to toe the line. With the bad acting of the deputy attorney general and not well educated judge, I lost. What I continue to find as my case ages and time goes on in the registry (over 10 years now), the lack of education of how cops, judges, and DA’s have no technical experience and realizing how untamed the internet is. They also don’t understand internet culture and social structure. They rely on shrinks who lack the same understanding. Both parties are to lazy and uncaring to learn the difference. They use the DSM IV as their guide book for everything. This guide has been proven wrong on several occasions. Its like watching a lost soul going to another lost soul and mistaking their advice for god.

The reality of conviction of mine and many others demands a reform. While there are extreme cases of an offender needing treatment and monitoring, These extreme cases are the exception and not the rule.

Megan’s law was another political ruse to not only advance the career of George Runner but continue to promote a social fear in the masses that continues to work quite well. The next step will be compulsory micro chipping of people. Do your homework. Will you who is a law abiding citizen want your very thoughts monitored and even changed by someone else?