Reply To: WHEN FANTASIES ARE ENOUGH TO CONVICT A GUY or Notice: No children were harmed in the making of this cartoon


I am beyond appalled at the judge in this case. But more so, I am ENRAGED that the accused ADMITTED GUILT instead of fighting it and causing an uproar that would have had the judge’s job on the line.
Where are all the Anime fans to protest this ignorance of the court system in the U.K.? I was surprised to learn that this was even an issue for the U.K. since most all of the European countries are known to be more relaxed about sex and sexuality than we here in the USA who are descendants of the Europeans but are much more repressed about sex than we care to admit.
Anime is a HUGE market which draws thousands of fans to conventions every year.
If this man can be convicted for what he had viewed, imaging how many thousands of people would be filling up the prison cells for owning uncut versions of “Sailor Moon” in which the high school characters are COMPLETELY NAKED as they morph into their ‘super hero’ alter egos. The U.S. versions eliminated that for TV but have restored those scenes for DVD release.
I believe this judge and prosecutor just made up a law to get a conviction as importing and exporting of movies, TV shows and animation are not illegal. Therefore, unless the U.K, actually WRITES A LAW that clearly states one cannot own Japanese animation that depicts ‘school girls’ in provocative situations, this man did nothing wrong. Where are the attorneys who would like to make a good name for themselves to come to this man’s rescue and sue the court for what could be considered an “illegal sentence”?