Reply To: Give Us Your Poor, Your Cold, Your Homeless—Unless They Are Sex Offenders



No victims, just a one time look-see online out of simple curiosity, and suddenly your name is LEGION. You’ve never hurt anyone, never tried to get it on with anyone whose a minor, never tried to make an assignation online. But now you are a SEX OFFENDER! The most despicable species on the planet. You serve a 97 months prison term, in danger of being offed by murderers or drug dealers, crimes considered more respectable by your fellow inmates–and society itself, apparently. After all, the badly flawed 1987 child porn law says that if you have ever been curious enough to go to a sting site online, you are actually a vicious, dangerous predator, who must be hounded all the way to an ignominious grave. You’re actually just like a Jew in Nazi Germany, and kristalnacht has just happened. PEOPLE!!! IT IS ALL HAPPENING AGAIN!! AND IT DOESN”T EVEN REQUIRE A DEMENTED FUHRER! JUST A DEMENTED POPULATION!