Reply To: Give Us Your Poor, Your Cold, Your Homeless—Unless They Are Sex Offenders

James Townsend

Mary, there are law’s that are against discrimination today. There are cover-ups and it seems the law is taking full advantage of the Sex offender that may or may not had a real victim. Sure they classify them as SVP’s but who can know the hearts of people. There are many sex offenders in Governments. Now I don’t want to touch on gay’s but if you get the picture. Its a bias situation Same with females. This is a perverse nation. While the sex offender is treated like the common leaper in society. Governments with there scare tactic’s have done there best to compound these efforts. Human humanity doesn’t extend to the sex offender because of these law’s and how they go about scaring the public at large. Governments need to understand that sexually and perversion have been on this earth since the dawn of time.
I can see how this would make anyone upset when they are discrimination and hold a bias to the sex offender that might of just been caught up an all this madness.