Reply To: Let’s Get Talking!

L. Mitaro

sex offense issues are simply too “toxic” to be directly dealt with in terms of reform efforts.

No judge (Federal or State) wants to set a binding ruling where case law can be cited in the future. Yet it’s totally the norm for a judge to claim gay marriage is unconstitutional now and then in the news cycles.No judge wants to be the one that removes the first block from this Jenga tower, because they know the whole thing will fall apart shortly thereafter. Every DA’s office is circling the wagon around Megan’s Law citing: “we can’t open the floodgates..” Which is very telling because they have to adamantly defend it because there’s nothing self-proving about the efficacy of this law on it’s own merits.

Megan’s Law:

Creates a false reality of safety for the community while circumventing and compromising the actual safety of those made to register for PERCEIVED safety and trivial, psychological comfort for those that use ML to “safeguard” their kids.
Megan’s Law is herd mentality masquerading as justice. It’s weaponized hatred by association under the guise of safeguarding children.

“Sex offenders” pose a non-credible threat to children, yet they continue to be made a spectacle out of.for anecdotal reasons these insane laws were misguidedly created for in the first place.

Laws are continually being proposed to solve problems that don’t exist, which is exactly how we have gotten into the current police state mess we find ourselves in.

The sex registery portrays ALL that are on it out to be the bad guys, enemies and villians of children. This is fantastically erroneous and misleading; Yet cowardly politicians are too afraid to anger their voting constituents making profit off the backs of sex offenders will never come clean and claim that “Sex offenders are less dangerous than previously though.”

Megan’s Law simply does not protect children or would-be future victims from sex offenders, If you’re on the registry, you’re a test subject without permission. Your life has been effectively been deemed expendable and thrown to the wolves. That little disclaimer on the ML website is to protect the cops from a lawsuit, not for YOUR protection.

There’s nothing preventative, protective or proactive about Megan’s Law.. It’s all preemptive, reactive and anticipatory. This is exactly why they have to use the “civil, regulatory and administrative” excuse to defend it. If they won’t open the floodgates, find a way to blown the dam. How can something to puts lives in harm’s way be flippantly referred to as “regulatory?”