Reply To: How we will take down public registries


The work that many have done in the various legislatures has slowed down the avalanche of oppressive legislation in the last several years. In my opinion, it is like a thumb in the hole in the dyke. I believe a better tactic is to win in the court system. Various courts have ruled parts of different legislation as unconstitutional. First it is pretty clear now that the registry is not only punishment but oppressive punishment. Not only that but if statistics and data is used, it is very ineffective legislation as well. To me the registry is unconstitutional as it is cruel and unusual punishment. When it is clear that laws are not effective for their intended purpose the law is a violation of substantive due process. I had read that there was a Nebraska study that determined that the registry may reduce the recidivism rate for the most serious of sex crimes, yet it was not firm on that conclusion while the laws affect people for many other crimes, many that were committed years ago. I believe that we need to raise money for suits to be filed in order to get to the Supreme Court and change the law all over the country.